03 January 2009

Some fairly recent work & perhaps more current reflection...

where's the exit? no. 1

This series was created in the fall of '08 as a way to channel the overwhelming feeling of doom & gloom that seemed to be crashing down all around us. I myself was feeling particularly engulfed with the daily assault of news coverage, financial uncertainty, election madness, joblessness, war, famine, mother nature's wrath, etc., etc., etc.

Looking back, the thread work was a new direction, but now seems to represent a larger motif -- the common threads that tie mankind together. People talk of the world's collective consciousness, and right now these common threads are tugging at all of us. As we've learned, what happens here, does have a tangible impact all the way across the globe. So we pull, and they pull, and someone else is pushing, and everyone's confused and before you know it, all of mankind has become completely intertwined. Like being tangled in a web, I personally was searching for the light at the end of a seemingly longer and darker tunnel than I'm used to. I'm no stranger to ups & downs, but the past couple months have proven to be particularly unnerving and difficult.

But like most of my work, it's the process that's helps shed light on life's troubling conundrums. The stitching became a cathartic meditation and helped release my feelings of hopelessness and disillusion, if only temporarily. Though feeling hopeful and re-energized by the promise of a new year, new leaders, new opportunities, I can't help but still dwell on that nagging question.

...If these common threads have tethered us all together, how do we really begin to untangle ourselves from this mess?

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