02 January 2009

Resisting? For what reason...

For many years I've been resisting many things, one being starting a blog. Why? I dunno, a few reasons I suppose...

1) Why should I? I struggle with writing, there's already plenty of chatter on the web, what could I really contribute that hasn't already been said somewhere else, more eloquently at that?

2) I'm a private person. The concept of blogs still kinda weird me out.

3) I stil
l romanticize about personal interaction and worry that a computer screen will never really convey true feelings and emotion. ...And these don't count ----> :)

I could go on, but why beat a dead horse. At the root of it, I started this blog to share my art. It's a new year and I've got a long list of accomplishments that need checking off. First entry...CHECK!

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