07 January 2011

Featured on Art Local

Art Local is a freshly launched independent art consulting firm founded by Frances Lacson Jimenez.  Frances is providing beautiful artwork installations for commercial and residential spaces while creating support and appreciation for the local artist community.  I'm honored to be one of her first featured artists and hope you'll join me in congratulating Frances on her exciting new endeavor!

19 November 2010


I'm honored to be the featured artist on display at Spex on Clark for their ART + VISION series from December 1 - January 12. I'll be exhibiting my latest collection "control" as well as some other recent works. I hope you will join me for the opening reception & Oliver Peoples trunk show, Wednesday, December 1 from 5-8pm. You know you love trying on new frames!

Opening Reception:
Spex | 2316 N. Clark St. | Chicago

Wednesday, December 1


Recent Things...

Just wanted to share some of the images and words from the Great Lakes Nation Exhibition and "Looking For" Project with Mike & Marta. Ya know, in case you were interested...

Great Lakes Nation Exhibition:

"The Average American"
(3) 55-gallon plastic barrels

It was no surprise to me that Americans are some of the highest fresh water users on the planet, but when I learned that the average American uses 150 gallons per day I nearly fainted! Judging with disgust, I cursed those “damn average Americans.” But when I crunched my water usage numbers, to my shock and horror learned that I too am very nearly that damn average American. Old habits are hard to break, but at least I’m fully conscious of them now. It takes baby steps to make change, but I hope you’ll join me.

Think you’re not so average? Click here to calculate your own daily water usage.

Want to learn more about our water issues? Please visit Call to Action: An Intervention on Water and It's Our Water

"Looking For" Project:

On October 1, Mike & Marta installed ME in their show window under our art collaboration. The piece is meant to be a replica of my "Life Is Elsewhere" piece. While becoming the art on display made me a bit nauseous at first, this installation was super fun/funny when I could hear people through the glass wondering if that was "a real person in there?!" I definitely got a kick out of shifting ever so slightly and hearing people freak out saying, "SHE'S ALIVE!!" Thanks M&M for a great collaboration.

Photo copyright Marta Sasinowska

07 October 2010

Greetings from the Great Lakes Nation!

"What's this," you ask? "More art?" ...Sure, why not! When it rains it pours I suppose. I'll have an installation on display that will hopefully move you to action. Details below...

Opening Night
: Friday, October 8, 2010, 6-10pm
Open through October 24 by appointment
Please contact stacy@chicagoartdepartment.org for viewing

Chicago Art Department
1837 S. Halsted St., Chicago (Pilsen)

-Excerpt from the Great Lakes Basin Declaration

What if the 35 million people living in the Great Lakes Basin decided to secede from North America due to a lack of sustainable priorities? Motivated by the impending freshwater crises, artists will examine the issues of living in Chicago by the largest freshwater system in the world. The basis of these investigations is a newly independent ‘Great Lakes Nation,’ of which artists explore human-nature relations from the Great Lakes’ point of view. Artists will bring to light information, issues and solutions concerning this amazing resource through various mediums including paintings, mixed-media, photography, screen printing, woodworking, apparel and ceramics.

Featured Artists:
Nick Adam
Sandi Chaplin
Todd Childers
Tanya Galin
Danielle Gharst
Matthew Hoffman
Andy Holck
Will House
Lisa Korpan
Bill Lenehan
Pei-san Ng
Lisa Peterson
Stacy Peterson
Scott Reinhard
Bud Rodecker
Jen Rosenthal
Preethi Venkataramanujam
Matt Wizinsky

Music by:
Matt Schneider
Nat Soti

The featured art is a collaboration between the Great Lakes Nation Workshop at the Chicago Art Department and Call to Action: An Intervention on Water at Archeworks (ItsOurWater.org).

The opening is part of Chicago Artists’ Month.

01 October 2010

40th Annual Pilsen Artwalk Weekend & Chicago Artists Month Kickoff Celebration

Well hello old friends! Wow, a whole season has passed since I last wrote. Time flies when you're farming. (More on that later...)

But first, I hope you'll join me & my fellow artists at the Chicago Art Department this weekend during the 40th Annual Pilsen East Artists' Open House. I'll be exhibiting selected works from some of my most recent collections and have also collaborated once again with Mike Nourse & Marta Sasinowska on their "Looking For" project that is on display in the "showPODs" windows throughout the neighborhood. I'll be around to chat about art, life, and my recent adventure into the world of urban agriculture! Details below. Be seeing you....

Opening Night, Friday Oct 1st, 6-10pm
Saturday and Sunday Oct 2nd & 3rd, 12-7pm

Chicago Art Department Exhibiting Artists:
Jason Frolichstien
Agnieska Furtak
Jeannie Lugtu
Jen Nalbantyan
Pei San Ng
Nathan Peck
Stacy Peterson
Jen Rosenthal
Amie Sell
Nat Soti
Kirsten Strauss
Bunny's Trunk Show (vintage jewelry)

40th Annual Pilsen East Artists Open House
South Halsted and 18th Streets; Information Center is at 1821 S. Halsted

This is a multi-location event, in the format of a self-guided walking tour, the event spans approximately 6 blocks. The central location of the event is South Halsted and 18th Streets in Chicago. Please visit the info center at 1821 South Halsted for maps and event details.

The 40th Annual Pilsen East Artists Open House will feature the work of both established and emerging artists in Chicago's oldest art community. Some neighborhood favorites include, Floyd Davis at Artpentry, Jeremy Ehly, The Chicago Art Department, Bridget Bolger & Scott Multer at South Halsted Gallery, TEMPLE Gallery, the showPODs, Rooms Productions, Matt Barber Kennedy, Brian Mancl, Orlando Espinoza, Studio 101, and the Pilsen East Performance Festival. Newcomers include, Human Thread, The Black Cloud Gallery, 569 Door on the Left, and Phoenix Gallery.

This event is a self guided walking tour of the intimate world of the working artist. This neighborhood of creatives welcomes you to experience art at its source as you visit their home, studio, theater, dance space, gallery. More than 50 artists will participate and be on hand to discuss their work and share their creative process, don't miss this unique perspective.

For more information check out www.chicagoartsdistrict.org

08 March 2010

International Women's Day | Group Show | 03/08/10

Please join me Monday, March 8th for International Women's Day. I'll be exhibiting a brand new piece of art alongside 22 other fabulous women artists. YOU GO GIRL!

International Women's Day (8 March) is marked as a day when people all over the world celebrate the idea of WOMAN as mother, inventor, lover, artist, peacemaker, revolutionary, and maker of history. On the evening of March 8th you are invited to celebrate this day at Chicago Art Department, where twenty-three women will gather to celebrate, educate, make artwork, share memories, discuss issues, and have a little fun. Through the artwork each artist will show her unique approach to celebrating this day for. This exhibition celebrates and gives voice to topics and struggles that are globally unique to women, and will include the showing of archival materials and traditional edible goodies. Come and revel in the strength and vitality that is WOMAN.

International Women's Day Group Show
Monday March 8th, 6-10 pm (1 Day Only)
@ Chicago Art Department
1837 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL

"Woman's Dilemma"

ink/magazine clippings on paper
12" x 16"

11 November 2009

What does $200 mean to you?

Just finished my new piece(s) for the $200 exhibition at the Chicago Art Department opening Friday, November 13, 2009.

"Need v Want"
ink on vellum
6" x 8" (ea)

Need v Want

“What does $200 mean to you?” Such a loaded question and yet incredibly simplistic at its core. Of course $200 means a lot of different things to different people. To some, it’s what they take home in a day; to many it’s what they make in a week. $200 can feed a village in Peru for a month, or cover the tip for a Wall Street executive’s lunch. What’s $200 when our nation is hemorrhaging millions of dollars a day fighting an unwinnable war? The more I thought about it, the more I agonized. Suddenly the answer was not so simple.

Struggling, I asked friends and family what $200 meant to them. The responses were overwhelmingly opposite of the sinister thoughts in my head and hitting much more close to home. $200 to my sister meant a much deserved weekend getaway for her and her husband after an exceedingly trying year. $200 to my cousin meant a flight from Denver to Chicago to visit with the family. A friend jokingly pointed out that $200 could buy 28.57 lbs of jellybeans…if I was “into that sorta thing.” $200 as a means to build memories, share moments, and fill the heart with love and joy. Hmm…

Simply put, I realized the question became less about a monetary amount and more about necessity versus nicety. I need food and shelter and medicine, but I want a shiny new gadget, a new pair of boots, and a vacation would be nice. It’s in our nature to want things, but not every want is evil, greedy, or outlandish. Really, it’s all about options…and thank god I have them!

About the show

An exploration into what this amount of money means given today's economic climate, this exhibition poses a simple question to CAD's resident artists: What does $200 mean to you? The exhibition will feature written responses alongside single pieces of art by each resident. Sale price for any piece of art will be $200, with proceeds benefiting CAD's resident artist program. Participating artists include Stacy Peterson, Jen Rosenthal, Chris Hales, Seth Gershberg, Mike Wilgus, Kirsten Strauss, Rebecca Rounds, Pei San Ng, Hansol Goo, Abraham Velázquez Tello, and Hilesh Patel.

Opening reception Friday November 13, 6-10pm

November 13 - November 22 {by appointment}
1837 S. Halsted
312-725-4CAD (4223)