19 November 2010

Recent Things...

Just wanted to share some of the images and words from the Great Lakes Nation Exhibition and "Looking For" Project with Mike & Marta. Ya know, in case you were interested...

Great Lakes Nation Exhibition:

"The Average American"
(3) 55-gallon plastic barrels

It was no surprise to me that Americans are some of the highest fresh water users on the planet, but when I learned that the average American uses 150 gallons per day I nearly fainted! Judging with disgust, I cursed those “damn average Americans.” But when I crunched my water usage numbers, to my shock and horror learned that I too am very nearly that damn average American. Old habits are hard to break, but at least I’m fully conscious of them now. It takes baby steps to make change, but I hope you’ll join me.

Think you’re not so average? Click here to calculate your own daily water usage.

Want to learn more about our water issues? Please visit Call to Action: An Intervention on Water and It's Our Water

"Looking For" Project:

On October 1, Mike & Marta installed ME in their show window under our art collaboration. The piece is meant to be a replica of my "Life Is Elsewhere" piece. While becoming the art on display made me a bit nauseous at first, this installation was super fun/funny when I could hear people through the glass wondering if that was "a real person in there?!" I definitely got a kick out of shifting ever so slightly and hearing people freak out saying, "SHE'S ALIVE!!" Thanks M&M for a great collaboration.

Photo copyright Marta Sasinowska

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