28 March 2009

control | New works on display @ the Chicago Art Department | April 10, 2009

Ok, so here it is. Two weeks until my show at the Chicago Art Department and I feel like I may burst with anticipation. There's still a million things to do, but I hope you'll join me Friday, April 10th for the opening. Here's a little blurb about the work. I hope you dig it...

New works by Jen Rosenthal
April 10 - 24, 2009

Opening reception Friday, April 10, 6-10pm

Closing reception Friday, April 24, 7-11pm
Chicago Art Department
1837 S. Halsted

Jen Rosenthal’s collection of new works explore the inky middle ground between control and entropy. In this new series, the artist lives and breathes, on grassy knolls between bailouts and bankrolls, empathy and apathy, pulled between the expanding universe and the collapsing consciousness of America. Jen’s delicate line work and hand stitched thread, paired with aggressive splatters and drips of ink evoke messages of optimism and stability in times of crisis and uncertainty. As she meticulously works the lines around the mess of chaos, she strives to find a new path amongst today’s weighty obstacles. While the world seems to be tearing apart at the seams, Jen looks to the silver lining, letting the struggle inspire creative momentum and a renewed sense of direction.

27 March 2009


Three years ago, I found myself going through major growing pains. My dad’s death had sent me into a tailspin. His unfulfilled life was staring me in the face. My career was sucking the life outta me, and I owned a condo that kept me tethered in place. To counter my father’s lack of responsibility I swung my pendulum into self-imposed hyper-control that left me feeling rigid, and abrasive in the eyes of others. I felt trapped by convention. I wanted something else. I wanted to travel. I wanted to try new things. I wanted to be weightless. I was miserable in my complacency and was sleepwalking through life. I was a zombie and longed for a change, but was scared to death.

In my past, change always went hand and hand with family chaos. Change was not a healthy process or an exciting endeavor. Change was forced upon me at every crossroads. My entire life, I’d been searching for stability in an unstable home. Why would I purposely blow up my whole world when I finally had a steady footing?

“I know I can do this…I’m just scared.”

He asked what did I have to lose?

I said, “control.”

He said, “What control? You allow everyth
ing and everyone to dictate your life.”


He was right. I would only react when provoked. I a
llowed my life to flow by the decisions made around me. I waited until change came to me.

This would be the first time I took control.


01 March 2009

...The Winter of our Discontent

From my windowsill I see...

music: "Rhodes Two" by My Were They